Lulu Puras

About Me

Lulu Puras

Lulu is a free spirit that loves life. Her philosophy and way of life is clearly reflected in her design: sophisticated, casual, vibrant and daring. Lulu is known as an artistic innovator, a leader, her love for travel, her mastery and perfectionism in her work, together with her vast knowledge of art and design has made her one of the pioneers of interior design in Puerto Rico. She’s fearless in her work, a positive soul and her intuition is her drive. Her clients serve as her main inspiration, she designs based on their personality and their lifestyle. Lulu gives her heart and soul to each and every job or space transformation as she calls it. Her heart is set in creating experiences and enhancing lives through great & luxurious design. Lulu’s portfolio of residential & commercial interiors includes an array of artistic and sophisticated spaces. In 2014, Lulu had an awakening year and decided to pursue a new business venture. Aware of the necessity in the island for special pieces that could add soul to a home, XI:XI Casa opened its doors. The rest is history. “Home is a manifestation of your life, it reflects who you are. Creating a home for you is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. Being able to contribute to a better quality of life in each home or interior space I do, is my passion. I work with pride, and give my soul to each project, creating a home that will make you feel happiness, comfort, safety and warmth.” -Lulu

“A home is a house with a soul.” -Lulu


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